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Villa Ezzelini is enclosed within the most ancient part of Cittadella, a "town of the art" and well-known location all over the centuries.
Villa Ezzelini is located within Cittadella historical centre and its Medieval walls (dated 1220-21).
Cittadella Medieval Walls were built by Padoans and they're still nearly perfect, with thirty-two towers and four main doors with a small castle (guard) each. Historical curiosity: beside Padoa's door we find Malta's Tower (Dante Alighieri wrote about it on his Divina Commedia) which was built on 1251 by Ezzelino da Romano to serve as a prison - and where a list of gentlemen from Padoa were secluded until death.
Cittadella is just a few kilometers away from every touristic destination in Veneto region: Padoa (25km), Abano Terme (30km), Venice (40km), Vicenza (20km), Treviso (30km), Verona (70km).